Selected research (PhD) outputs 

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Geographies of Health & Wellbeing Research Group (GHWRG)

Photo Exhibition: Imagining 50 years of health geography

This image speaks to geographies of health and wellbeing in a regional and ‘local’ context. It captures culturally relevant foods that contribute to good health and wellbeing. On the table are colourful and textured fruits grown in Trinidad and Tobago, where this image was taken. There is orange papaya and yellow fleshed pineapple. According to nutritional guidelines, the freshly cooked fish and portion of bread presents a balance of carbohydrate, protein, alongside vitamins from fruits for good sustenance. While the current political conversations around Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) incidence are negative and locate blame, the practice of culturally relevant good ‘health/eating habits’ as shown in this image, are rendered invisible. 

Within my PhD research, I am aiming to locate culturally relevant practices in family food contexts over the past 50 years in an under researched context. My intentions are twofold. First, to open the possibility for relevant Caribbean food contexts to be acknowledged as strengthening health/wellbeing, and two, to enrich the discipline of health/wellbeing geography more broadly.

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